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in Essex and Cambridgeshire

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I am a highly educated professional in a challenging job. However I am obsessed with my sexual desires to please men. I am a genuine swinger. I play for my pleasure as a couple any time I can. I arrange gangbang parties as I love to be used by groups of guys. And finally it is such a turn on when a wealthy man proposes to own me for the night. 

Escort services

I am a classy, sophisticated, highly educated, but spoiled, filthy and submissive lady. I am size 12 and very fit. I practice pole dance regularly and I take care of my body. It is all for you, keen to serve you to your maximum pleasure.
I am social and warm. This is not my job, I just have a massive passion to please males and to be used as men want. I need to feel I am your whore so that I recharge for my challenging daytime job.

I have a partner in life, my Sir who trained me to be the obedient slut I am. He would usually be present for my safety unless I know you well. However it is only up to you how you want to use me and if you like him to be involved (with me only) or not at all.

I desire to feel your masculine power, your sharp mind, your determination and generosity...those will make me kneel in front of you and I will beg to serve you.

Gangbang parties

I am truly passionate about serving groups of men. I arrange occasionally gangbangs in London. They are advertised on this site as soon as I schedule them. I would also love to play on a gangbang party arranged by you. If you are a group who need a completely obedient girl for the night I would not disappoint you. You will be the rulers and I will be on my knees waiting to serve you.


You could  have me for your night out and play as you wish with me. I have a very keen and able mouth. I can do unforgettable blow jobs and deep throats.


I will obey your orders as you will be my ruler, my boss or my owner...however you are inpired to control me.


You could  spank me for your pleasure as I like to feel your strong hand.


Invite me to your party and I will make sure you and your friends have an unfogettable night.

Important notes! Please read:

Please, do note that I need a good notice in order to arrange a meet. It could be up to 2 weeks or more. I am NOT available on short notice as I have a busy lifestyle, a daytime job and a family. I always need to see a picture before I meet. It does not need to be naked and you could cover your eyes if you do not trust me. Please do NOT request a meet if you are not prepared to share a picture of yourself. I play only safe and I do not accept anal play in order to protect my health. 

I am social and warm

I love to chat over a glass of wine.

I am passionate about strong personalities

You will turn me on either because you are a successful professional or because you have a strong body.


I meet in hotels or your place. The following prices do include hotel charges.

  • Gangbang Party
  • £ 70 only
  • no time pressure
  • BOOK
  • Meet
  • £ 200
  • 1.5 hours
  • BOOK
  • Longer Meet
  • £ 250
  •  2 hours
  • BOOK
  • Relaxed Meet
  • £ 350
  •  3 hours
  • BOOK

Cambridge, Essex, London, bedfordshire

I meet in hotels or your place. My fees are inclusive of hotel charges.


Q: Where do you meet? A: I meet in hotels or your place. My rates include hotel charges.
Q: Which areas? A: I live in Cambridge, UK. I also meet in Essex, Bedfordshire or exceptionally in London.
Q: May I cum on your face or your tits? A: Yes, please. I love that and I beg for more.
Q: Do you do deepthroat? A: It is a pleasure, do try to fit your one in!
Q: Do you do CIM? A: Yes if you are very generous with me (beyond my rates) and I know you well. Honestly I love that but I need to protect my health.
Q: Do you do anal? A: I am afraid only my Master can use my back door.
Q: Do your rates include BDSM play? A: Yes, I am happy to serve. However my Master needs to pre-approve how you use me in order to make sure I stay safe.
Q: Will your partner disturb us? A: Not at all! He either quietly works on his laptop or if you invite him he gets involved with me only.
Q: Will you meet tomorrow? A: That's very unlikely. You need to book me weeks in advance. My job and family keep me as busy as your ones.
Q: Will you meet without a picture of me? A: I chose all the men I serve. You need to turn me on either because of your body or because you are a powerful man. If you double my rate I might not ask for a picture!
Q: What kind of men really turn you on? A: Two types: either businessmen in suit and tie or muscles and tattoos.


I am now looking for other girls to join some of my gangbang parties. Please, contact me if you are genuinely interested even if you do not have previous experience. Our parties are safe and fun environment for genuine swingers.


 Cambridge, UK
 Phone: available upon request
 E-Mail: see aside

Please, write me an email

Please, drop me an email in order to arrange a meet or to book a party. My email address is below. If you cannot see it for whatever reason it is hedonist followed by a dot followed by the word play followed by @ gmail dot com
hedonist followed by a dot followed by the word
                play at gmail dot com